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Mr. Wu Yun Yan, general manager of DOIT, indicates that 80% of cleaner products in domestic market contain the ingredients of chemical strong acid and alkali to damage our health and environment.
Due to the awareness of its destruction, “Enzymatic Cleaners” are used generally for daily cleaning work in Europe and America. A natural, safe and environmental cleaner product is invented by biotechnologist using biotic cell or its metabolite from natural microorganism.
21 century is a time for biotechnology. The detergency of enzymatic cleaner is not only better than traditional chemical cleaner, it contains lipase and protease from enzyme but also can go deep into the dirty crack and quickly decompose the oil, sauce and dirt into small molecule to be cleaned completely; moreover, microorganism can decompose the filth in the drain to avert the obstruction. DOIT uses biotic enzyme to develop household cleaners, such as laundry, toilet, carpet, pipeline and deodorization cleaners etc. which are detergent, environmental and no harm to human body.
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