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  DOIT D.I.Y. Product Co. Ltd was inspired by the “Do It Yourself” concept and founded in January 1998. It introduced the environmentally friendly biotechonology cleaning products as “Enzymatic Cleaner” from the U.S, and is successfully selling the products at B&Q. Furthermore, DOIT Biotechnology Co. Ltd. was established in Oct. 2003. The total number of employees is near 100 currently.

DOIT has a corporate slogan as “Safe, Convenient, and Innovative D.I.Y Product Expert.”, and it has developed around 100 kinds of products which are sold in large-scale wholesalers and retailers channel such as B&Q, Carrefour, Far Eastern Geant etc. In the past ten years, DOIT generated its business model through “Field Sales” in hypermarkets to accumulate 3 millions people of sales volume; in Taiwan, one-third of family has used its products. Recently, DOIT focuses on multiple developments through TV shopping and online shopping.

[Business Concept ]
  Mr. Wu Yun Yen, general manager of DOIT, believes in building “Safe, Convenient, and Innovative D.I.Y Product Expert.” corporate image by following “integration of production and marketing, brand advantage, innovative strategy, share market prosperity”; meanwhile, holds “the culture of steady, flexible and adventurous spirit” to make DOIT a multiple and international enterprise
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