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Entered B&Q. The first product was Enzymatic Cleaner. The effects of demonstration by our employees by turns in each stores were good, and resulted in the operation model of demonstration and sale by employees.。
Presented Double-Faced Window Cleaner, and entered the center of the path in the market. The sales were not only great but created the records again and again. The sales model of DOIT thus was built and well-known。
Easy Handy Sealer was presented and another high peak was built. This product has been the main product until now。
Entered Carrefour market. In May, 2003, The Great Household Cleaner was presented and had created another hot-sale. The sales had reached 100,000,000 for the first time in that year。
Established DOIT Biotechnology Co. Ltd to strengthen the keep growing and professional image of environment protecting and biological products。
Easy Folder, Hand-wash Liquid Dispenser, Easy Mop, and All In One Multi-Function Stove were presented, which are still in hot sale until now。
The company has moved to the new office to provide and better working environment of production and marketing as a whole。
Compress storage bag and SPA Water Saving Pressing Shower Head also created the hot sal。
Followed the market trend and started to act as the agent of 3M Scotch Brite. DOIT had entered the international business and brand managing category
Entered MOMO channel. The sealer hit and created another success. Afterwards, Compress Storage Bag and Enzymatic products were presented continuously. In addition to creating the sales, developing products, the product exposures and sales were also brought up
As the agent of 3M One-touch Water Saving Valve, the position in Carrefour is firm. It brought up the product exposures and sales as well。
Recently, DOIT uses the selling techniques on shopping channel to the on-the-spot selling and achieves great results. In the recent two years, we have been acting as the agent of 3M series of products. Now, we are invited by 3M China to duplicate the successful model to China. In the starting period, we planned to take Shanghai as the base of marketing and development。
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